: Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed
The name's Janine! 20. I blog whatever catches my fancy. "It's like that there's a music playing in your ear. But the music is impossible, impossible to hear."

So Noah and the Whale sound even better live (I didn’t know that was possible?? They sound perfect anyways). Charlie Fink is a god, and I made so much eye contact with Tom Hobden… I think we’re I’m in love. Speaking of Tom, he is SO TALENTED. I could implode. Those violin solos, man. They struck a chord (pun most definitely intended). 

Funny moments:
-Charlie had to tie his shoe, so he had the band randomly play a “funky tune” until he finished.
-There was a guitar-solo-duel with a Bob Dylan song which was SO GOOD.
-There was a drum solo that was literally out of this world, and according to Charlie that was their band’s first ever drum solo.
-He also said that our crowd had the most soul and energy than the rest of the places they toured, despite our size
-I was right in the front so if I got possessed by the desire to reach out and grab them I would’ve been able to. IT WAS EXTRAORDINARY 

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